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2019 Point Races Standing PDF

2019 Points Races

Saturday April 20
NYMCRA Canoe Points Race
Upper Susquehanna Pedalers & Paddlers Spring

Saturday May 4 & Sunday May 5
NYMCRA Canoe Points Races both days
Canton Canoe Weekend

Saturday May 11
NYMCRA Canoe & Kayak Points Races
‘Round the Mountain Canoe and Kayak Race

Saturday June 2
NYMCRA Canoe & Kayak Points Race
Tupper Lake 8 Miler

Saturday & Sunday June 9 & 10
NYMCRA Canoe Sat.--Kayak Points Sun
Madrid Canoe Regatta

Saturday June 29
NYMCRA Canoe and Kayak Point Race
Tupper Lake 8 Mile

Saturday July 6
NYMCRA Canoe & Kayak Points Races
Armond Bassett Canoe and Kayak Race

Saturday July 13
NYMCRA Canoe & Kayak Points Races
Electric City Regatta

Sunday July 14
NYMCRA Canoe Points Race
Barge Chaser Canoe and Kayak Race
NYMCRA Canoe Points Race

Sunday July 28
NYMCRA Kayak Points Race

Saturday August 18
NYMCRA Canoe Points Race
Wells Bridge Canoe and Kayak Races

Saturday September 21
Long Lake Long Boat Regatta
NYMCRA Kayak Points Race

Sunday October 13
Onondaga Cup & Lake Fest
NYS Championship Race TBA
NYMCRA Canoe & Kayak Points Race

2017 Points Races Standings PDF

2016 Point Races Standings Final Updated 10/6/2016 PDF

2015 Points Races Standings PDF
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New Points System for 2015
There are two classes: Stock and amateur
Woman’s and men’s category for each class, No age separations
The stock class will include C1, C2, and C4 stock.
The amateur class will include C1, C2, and C4 open or unlimited
You have to be a NYMCRA member to be awarded points;
You do not have to race with a NYMCRA member
If you race C1 stock and get 1st place, you will get 50 points. If you race C4 stock in the next race you will get
50 points for 1st place. It is all based on individual, no matter what stock boat you race in.
You can race mixed, men’s or women’s in the C2 or C4 classes, and each paddler will get the points for the
place they come in. If there are any ties for 1st place, each one will be awarded their points.
Each race will still have their normal classes, age and gender
The above information is only to calculate the points
You have to do at least 5 points races; if you do more than 5 races you will get points for your best 5 races.
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