February Newsletter
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President's Note
2018 was a very busy year for NYNCRA. We hosted (successfully) the USCA Nationals in Syracuse. I hope everyone that attended had a great time. Thank you to all who attended and to all those volunteers that helped make the event such a great success! I hope everyone is looking forward to 2019. We have some changes (hopefully good) for the upcoming season. Some of these changes are discussed later in this issue. One big change is going to be our end of the year banquet. We are lining up the banquet with the Onondaga Cup and Lakefest. The marathon races at this event will now be the New York State Canoe and Kayak Championship. Our banquet and awards will be held later that evening. I'd like to incorporate new annual awards at this years banquet. Examples include most improved paddler, rookie of the year, sportsmanship award, etc. Other suggestions are welcome. Nominees will be posted 1 month prior to the banquet. to allow for voting.  You must be present to win the award. More on the banquet and other changes to come in upcoming issues. Keep on hitting the weights. Race season will be upon us before you know it!
Phil M. 

The idea of renaming NYMCRA to include kayaks and SUPs is being discussed.
Our races, governing body, and membership have been inclusive of double bladed paddlers for years, and yet our name is one of the many things about our association that does not represent them. At the same time, Stand Up Paddleboard racing has taken off on an international scale. We can either be "on board" with the phenomenon, or we can "miss the boat". Calling ourselves the New York Paddlesports Racing Association has been floated, but this would of course make our acronym NYPRA, potentially pronounced "Nip"-ra. Other ideas would be welcome. If this is a popular enough idea, we may hold a club wide referendum at our banquet on October 13th, 2019 in Syracuse.
NEW Scalable Logo
Kevin Olson is currently designing several logos which could be scaled up or down without pixelating or losing detail. The idea is to have an alternative logo to "Rivers of New York" logo that could be easily reproduced on race t-shirts, brochures, and merchandise. When Kevin finalizes his designs, they will be presented on Facebook and in upcoming newsletters for member input.

Regional Competition
This year we will be adding a regional competition throughout the season. All racers will be divided by region (ex. Adirondack, Susquehanna Valley, Central NY, Capital Region, Western NY, ect...). Racers in all classes will be given points based on finish position. The region with the most points at the end of the season will win a prize (TBD) and of course...bragging rights. The idea of this is to promote friendly competition and to add a bit of a team aspect to the races. We will post rankings as the season progresses. 

The 2019 Race Schedule is now complete. 

Click here for the 2019 race schedule! 
Bare Bones Racing Series
Article by Ed Greiner
Paddling Technique
Video by Kevin Olson
Winter Workout Warriors!
by Joe Schlimmer and Dylan Kirk
Apparently not only canoers have difficulty finding open water in February. This "convocation" of eagles was at 9 mile creek near Syracuse NY. Photo Credit: Jon Vermilyea
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NYMCRA Paddler Profile:

Eric Young

Mooers Forks, NY 
Number of years racing:
Paddling accomplishments:
Having only paddled competitively for six years, I really don’t have much for accomplishments compared to many of the other veteran paddlers.  I would have to say participating in the 90, six times while winning my class last year and winning my class at the Northfield, Mass Nationals.  I am planning on participating in three events in Syracuse, hopefully I can add to my list of accomplishments while there
How did you get into racing:
I used to work at a pharmaceutical plant, they had a paddling club there which I joined. My very first paddle was in a 12 foot Old Town while doing the 10 mile Fish Creek loop.  From there I was hooked; my wife and I bought two 14 ft. Eddyline’s and would paddled a different ADK lake/pound just about every weekend.  I started to hear people talking about a 90 mile race which sounded interesting to me so I started looking into doing that.  After being denied the first couple of times I was excited to find out we were both accepted in the open touring division.  It was during the first day that I noticed a handful of Epic boats flying by meand thinking how fast they were.  While listening to other paddlers during these 3 days, I started to hear about other races.  The following year I paddled my first race, the RTM, then I did the Tupper 10,9, 8….that is where I learned about NYMCRA and signed up.  Every year I am hearing about more and more race that interest me and hope to do more.
Paddling goals:
My current goal is to just master the new a surf ski I am in the process of getting.  Right now I am borrowing one to get some seat time in before mine does comes in.  They are much more technical to paddle than a touring kayak. I am finding out that I cannot just muscle the boat like I can with my 18X which is considered a touring kayak; you have to have the correct form, if not you will roll it, as I have found out a few times.  I am happy to say my remounts are getting better.  I don’t know if I really have a goal.  Having played team sports all my life, this is my first individual sport; so I have to rely on myself.  If you want to get the results you want,  you only have yourself to count one; you have to put in a 100% effort each race and just be happy with the way you have paddled.  I guess you can call my goal, to be happy with my effort each race.
Did you have a paddle sport mentor:
I don’t really have a mentor; I have asked Matt Skeels and Jim Mallory a 1000 questions each, they both have been a great resource, both are always happy to offer advice to correct my form.  I do have a nemesis though…Roger, no last name needed, everyone knows Roger.  During each race all you hear is “Hey Roger…” from everyone.   Of all paddlers, Roger was the one I watched the closest in the beginning.  He was the one I would always say today is the day I will beat him.  Well that took a little longer than I expected.   He continues to amaze me, how can an older gentlemen paddle the way he does, and a boat with more patches than gel coat.   Race after race, RTM, Tupper, Madrid., 90…,  I could hear him grunting while drafting me in the beginning, then half way through the race he would chug along and pass me.  He was the one who motived me the most to improve, just seeing what he was able to do..  So I guess you can call Roger my mentor.
Preferred boat model:
I currently have an Epic 18X, I have an Epic V10 on order which I should have by the time this comes out
Favorite paddling related memory:
I don’t really have a favorite race memory yet.  But I can still remember doing that Fish Creek loop the first time and thinking wow why didn’t I start paddling sooner, this is awesome.
Favorite place to paddle:
Anywhere in the ADKs,  The water is so clear, it is peaceful no matter what body of water you are paddling.  Lake Lila is probably my favorite.
Any other relevant information:
           I do all my “training” on the Great Chazy river in Champlain.. It is a quite river that goes through farm land which empties into Lake Champlain.  I see is a lot of wildlife along the river. With Lake Champlain between VT, NY and Canada to the north, I have to pay attention to how far north I go, or I get a visit by Border Patrol.  I  just hope I don’t see the infamous Champy while paddling out there. I rarely see any other boats on the river as competitive paddling is not very big in my area.  I often get looks when I have this 20 ft. thing on my vehicle.  I am always being asked, what is that?  Since I don’t have anyone to paddle with, I often go to time trials in Saranac Lake each week just to paddle with others.  The drive is an hour and half one way, just to do a 3 mile 30 minute paddle, but the experience and people I have met, the drive has been worth it.  Plus I get to paddle with my nemesis, or rather mentor Roger.  He just doesn’t give me a minute head start anymore.
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Upcoming Events

NYMCRA Training Camps
March 23-24 Fish Creek, Saratoga Springs NY. Host Gary Mclain. (Still needs to be confirmed)
March 30-31 - Irondequoit Creek, Irondequoit NY. Host Phil Millspaugh
April 6-7 - Seneca River, Baldwinsville NY. Host Jon Vermilyea
April 13-14 - Susquehanna River, Wells Bridge NY - Host TBD

More information to come in the next newsletter. Follow on Facebook or on www.nymcra.org for updates. 
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