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Adirondack Watershed Alliance

Been Paddlin' and Racin' a lot ??
Get yourself a new Tshirt fill out
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for the  200/400 Mile Club
Download and fill out the PDF form, save on your computer
and email to [email protected]
or call Tim at 585-738-8410

List of 200 & 400 Mile T-Shirts for 2016

200 Mile                    400 Mile                        
Kim  Greiner           Pam Fitzgerald
Blanche Town         Brianna Fitzgerald
Glen Vanderwinkel  Mary Schlimmer
Peter Ross             Patrick Madden
James Phillips         Phil Millspaugh
Jeff Newman
Kevin Berl
Ed Greiner
Jon Vermilyea
Eric Young
Bruce Lee
Rich Butts
Holly Crouch
Pete McConville

Deadline for 200 and 400 mile T shirt is Oct 7, 2017